SnowyDreams A Christmas Wish NTD 2k9

Sire: ‘Luke’ Can GCh. Kamchatka Da Gospel Truth NTD
Dam: ‘Zara’ Kamchatka Dazzle Them NTD 2k9
DOB: December 13, 2020

SHOR# Too Young (Normal Eyes @ 9 months) OFA# Too Young

Bred/Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: TBD at maturity      Weight: TBD at maturity

Temperament: Have you ever heard the saying ‘Singleton puppies are insane’? Well.. Stella is a singleton and Stella is crazy! Stella was a Christmas miracle puppy! After several attempts to breed her dam, Zara, we had no success in her ever conceiving a litter. After speaking with several other breeders and friends in the show world, we decided to try once more before having her spayed, so we did! We patiently waited for any signs of pregnancy from Zara until one day, not even a week before her scheduled x-ray we felt it! Puppy movement! In that moment we knew for sure she was pregnant! We were over the moon. We took Zara in for an x-ray a few days before her due date to see how many and how big the puppies were, we were shocked when we looked at the x-ray and found out she was having ONE! Our first singleton litter in 10 years of breeding. Stella was born via C-section on December 13, 2020 and from the moment we held her in our hands we were in love. Stella was named immediately upon birth – our Christmas star (Stella means star) <3 Stella is by far our most stubborn girl. She is LOUD. Stella loves to scream, howl and sing and does it when she is excited, this includes every morning, every time she comes in the house (even if its only 30 mins since last time), every mealtime, every time she goes for a walk.. or car ride.. or anywhere for that matter. We have accepted that Stella is a loud mouth LOL Stella does what she wants, when she wants and listens when she feels like it. She is a true singleton! Stella is also VERY outgoing, she loves everyone and everything and she makes sure you know it! She loves giving kisses, so much that she will wash your entire face. Something about Stella really pulls on my heart strings and even through her craziness, she is still my ‘perfect’ puppy. We love you beautiful Stella! <3

Achievements: Stella is turning out to be everything we had hoped for and more!! We are so incredibly excited to enter Stella into some shows once Covid allows as we think she is going to do very well! At less than 6 months old Stella already had already earned both her Novice Trick Dog title and her 2-K9 Ruff Run title, go baby girl!! She has so much energy that we are really excited for when the time comes to try her on the sled!! We love our Stelly-Belly monster <3


Pedigree of ‘Stella’

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Can GCh. Kamchatka Da Gospel Truth NTD


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Innisfree North Wind Nori
BIS/RBIS Ch. Kamchatka Bombshell BPISS Ch. Kamchatka Formula Won
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Kamchatka Dazzle Them NTD 2k9

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