Here is a page for our dogs who are not a part of our breeding program but loved and cherished just the same! On this page you can see our retired dogs, companion dogs, as well as dogs who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. <3

Retired Dogs: 

Retired Dogs are our dogs who used to be, but are no longer part of our breeding program <3 



Sire: ‘Scout’ Am/Can Ch Innisfree Talent Scout
Dam: ‘Nitra’ Am/Can Ch PVT STK Huricane Nanook

DOB: August 15, 2009

SHOR (Eyes)# S-11674 (Normal)  OFA (Hips)# SH-17960G31F (Good)   CHIC # 84118

Bred by: Nanook Siberians Canada  / Owned by: Snowy Dream Siberians

Height: 21.25 Inches at withers    Weight: 46 lbs.

Temperament: Iceka was our very first show dog and our foundation female for our kennel, we could not have started with a better dog. She came to us at 8 weeks old from a great breeder in Alberta and changed everything for us. She opened our eyes to the possibilities the show and breeding world could offer and she was many ‘firsts’ for us <3 Iceka is my moms heart dog. She is loyal, obedient, loving, sweet tempered, with a crazy wild side. When Iceka was a puppy she was CRAZY, she loved to run and could go for hours. At shows we would have to run her 2km every time before she went into the ring so she was well behaved LOL She has the true, amazing Siberian energy and brings joy to all who meet her. Iceka is fearless and is up for any adventure. She loves all people, loves giving kisses and getting cuddles. She is so outgoing and is an amazing example of the breed in all ways. Iceka always gets to be with all the litters of puppies because she has such a caring nature and is so great with everyone. Iceka is the leader of our pack and makes sure to keep everyone in line, it is truly amazing seeing how all the dogs respect her. Iceka is very smart and excels at all new things she tries, she has proven herself in many different areas of dog sports. Iceka loves to make ‘Pirate’ noises and is always making us smile. Everyone who meets Iceka immediately falls in love with her and her wonderful personality. She is truly a legend and we are incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful, wonderful girl <3

Achievements: Iceka was our very first show dog and allowed us to fall in love with the world of showing. Iceka’s first weekend in the ring was at our local dog show when she was 9 months old, where she picked up 7 points towards her Championship with multiple Best of Winners, Best of Opposite and to top it off – a Best Puppy in Show!! Iceka’s breeder asked to take her to a show a few weekends later that we could not attend. Iceka finished her Championship the first day going Best of Breed (over specials) from the classes and Working Group 4!! She also picked up a Group 2 and a Group 3 that weekend. Iceka continued to place in the group, winning several Working group placements with my mom, until we retired her from the ring to have our first litter at SnowyDream Siberians, giving us our Flare Bear, and 2 years later blessed us with our Eden. Iceka was put away until 2015 where she attended 2 weekends of shows and picked up a Group 2, three Group 1 and a Reserve Best in Show to finish her Grand Champion title!! Iceka also got her CGN title that same weekend. Iceka runs lead on our sled team and is a very happy house dog. Iceka returned to the show rings in 2017 as a Veteran and to this day she has picked up multiple Veteran in Breed and Groups as well as 3 Best Veteran in Shows and a Best Veteran in Specialty Show! We thought we would try out the altered ring with Iceka so she could have more time in the ring as she absolutely loves it and in only 3 days of showing she is over half way to her Altered Championship with a Best Altered in Show and Best Altered in Specialty Show to her name! Iceka and her daughter Flare entered the rings in May 2018 together as a Brace team (this teams first time competing together) and they took 2/3 Best Brace in Shows. Her & Eden also earned 5 Best Brace in Show together! Iceka was entered in the SHCC BC Regional Specialty and was a star, taking Best Veteran in Specialty Show, Best Altered in Specialty Show, Best Brace in Specialty Show with her daughter Eden AND Select Bitch from the veterans class over multiple other specials females!! 2020 was a crazy year, Iceka was supposed to finish off her show career as a veteran but because of Covid 19 we were not able to get to even 1 dogshow, so we did Trick dog titles instead! At 11 years old Iceka proved that old dogs can learn new tricks and is now a Novice Trick dog! At over 12 years old this girl is still AMAZING!! She is now enjoying retired life, running off leash on the beach on vacations with my mom and sleeping on the pillows.  Love you Ice!

Titled Progeny:

‘Flare’ MPBIS/MBBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. Nanook’s SnowyDream Come True DOM NTD

‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN DOM


Can GCh. Kamchatka Da Gospel Truth NTD 2k9

Sire: ‘Leo’ Nanook’s Kamchatka Pride
Dam: ‘Blondie’ BIS/RBIS Ch. Kamchatka Bombshell
DOB: May 14, 2014

SHOR (Eyes)# S-11917 (Normal)   Hips: A1 Excellent (SAfr)

      Bred By: Kamchatka Siberians (South Africa)                        Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 23.5 Inches at withers             Weight: 60 lbs.

(Luke is retired from breeding and not available for outside stud services)

Temperament: Luke is a gentle giant, sitting at the top of the standard for Siberian Huskies. He is the sweetest dog and loves everybody and everything – cats, other dogs, babies, adults, you name it Luke loves them. This sweet boy made his way to us all the way from Kamchatka Siberians in South Africa. He took a plane from Johannesburg SA to London England, then from London all the way to Vancouver Canada where he met up with my mom to make the final flight home to FSJ. We had always said we want the ‘PERFECT’ male to have as our first stud dog even if it meant waiting years, and although there is no perfect dog, Luke is very close to it in our books. He lives to please, he is loyal and obedient. Luke is an old soul and the best behaved boy. There is nothing bad to say about Luke, and we are truly blessed to have him here as part of our pack and our family. We can not thank Rossana enough for this special boy! He is a blessing.

Achievements: Luke attended his very first show March 2017 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan where he made us very proud! Mr. Luke had never been in a show ring before and was a natural and loved it very much. Luke’s first show, he took Best of Breed over specials and Best of Winners gaining his first 2 points towards his Canadian Championship.  He continued to amaze us by taking Best of Winners all 6 shows, 3 Best of Breeds (Over specials) and ended the show weekend by taking a Working Group 4 over a very nice line up of dogs! Luke finished his Championship in just one weekend of showing and ended on 13 points. The next show we attended, Luke entered the ring as a specials winning 2 Best of Breeds and another Working Group 4! At our local show 2 weeks later he continued to impress us, earning a Working Group 2 and a Working Group 3 over several other specials dogs!! June 2017, Luke finished his Canadian Grand Championship attaining another Working Group 3! Cool story is the judge who gave Luke his final Championship points and first Group 4, also finished his Grand Championship with a Group 3. Thank you to all the judges who have seen Luke’s quality!! Luke is a wonderful wheel dog on our sled team! He knows the commands and is a great asset. Luke is an Iron Paws Race finisher! In 2020 Luke attained his Novice Trick Dog title!! We adore our king!! We can not thank Rossana enough for this Special Boy!

Titled Progeny:

‘Faelan’ Can GCh. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves NTD 2k9

‘Ashur’ MBPIG Can GCh. SnowyDreams Fire Okami

‘Flame’ Multi Group Placing MBBPIS/MBPIG Can Ch. SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party CGN NTD RN

’Qanik’ SnowyDreams New Beginnings NTD

‘Iv’ (Ch Pt’d) SnowyDreams Ancient Times NTD 2k9

’Majla’ SnowyDreams Leap Thru Time ATD

‘Stella’ SnowyDreams A Christmas Wish NTD 2k9


 BISS/MBPISS/BPIS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM NTD 2k9

Sire: ‘Jack’ BISS Am GCh. Bralin’s Jack Be Nimble SD
Dam: ‘Narcissa’ Am GCh. Snocrest’s Breath Of Dawn
DOB:  June 6, 2014
SHOR (Eyes)# S-11805 (Normal)   OFA (Hips) # SH-19349G24M (Good)   CHIC# 116455

Bred & Co-Owned By: Snocrest Siberians (USA)      Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 22.75 Inches at withers     Weight: 55 lbs. 

(Regal is retired from breeding and not available for outside stud services)

Temperament: Regal is a gentle soul with a wild side. He loves to butt scoot in the yards like a true Siberian. He is a sweet boy who loves his scratches and cuddles, he LOVES to sleep right in the middle of the bed at night and has to be touching us. But don’t let that sweet face fool you, he can really get going and loves to play crazy with his buddy Mia! Regal is wonderful with all dogs and loves people of all ages, he does have a strong prey drive though so cats are a big no no for him! Regal is really just an all around chill dog and a very good boy! Regal comes to us from a excellent breeder in Pennsylvania (Snocrest Siberians) and is co-owned with them! Regal came to Canada in 2018 to be shown to his Championship & Grand Championship and we always dreaded the moment he had to go home. We would have never excepted that he would get to stay with us, and we will never be able to thank Shira & Mark enough for sharing this very special boy with us. Such an honor!!!

Achievements:  Before Regal came to Canada he had wonderful success in the show rings. He is a multiple Group winner & placer in the USA, as well as an American Grand Champion Gold. He won Best in Specialty Show  at only 16 months of age! The most honorable win he has earned was his 1st place Award of Merit at Westminster in 2016!! He entered the rings in Canada in March 2018 and did amazing just as we expected, his first weekend in Canada he was awarded multiple Winners Males, Best of Winners and Best of Opposites (Over specials) for total of 6 championship points! The next show weekend we attended, Regal came home a Canadian Champion with three Working Group 4’s as well as a Working Group 3!! Regal finished his Grand Championship in style by taking huge Best of Breed in an entry of 14 Sibes, beating multiple other specials, he went on to make the cut in the group, also picking up several other Group placements along they way! Our handsome man entered the rings again in 2019 and took 3/3 Best of Breeds (entry of 14 Sibes) and a Huge working group 2 (beating 80 dogs) ranking him as #1 Siberian Husky in Canada (Breed), #2 Siberian Husky in Canada (All Breed) & #1 Owner Handled Siberian Husky in Canada after just 1 weekend of shows!! Regal went to his first Canadian Specialty Show where he was awarded Select Male from a nice entry of Siberians including multiple Best in Show winners! He was also Best Stud dog with his beautiful kids Aura & Gambler! He had fun at the shows in May 2019 as well and was awarded 2 more Group 3’s and 2 more Group 4’s!! We are so proud of everything this boy as accomplished. Regal enjoys running in harness and runs wheel on our team, he is a bit lazy when it comes to pulling but he is always up for a run nonetheless! Regal is an Iron Paws Race finisher. In 2020 Regal attained his Novice Trick Dog title!! Love our boy and we are so blessed to be able to have him here with us!

Titled Progeny:

‘Aura’ BPIG Can Ch. SnowyDreams When Stars Align NTD 2k9

‘Gambler’ Can Ch. SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead RN NTD 2k9

‘Aspen’ SnowyDreams Miracle On Earth 2k9

‘Luna’ SnowyDreams Flowers In Bloom NTD

‘Cartwright’ MBIS/RBIS UKC Ch. Snocrest’s Good As Gold (Am Pt’d)

‘Chiffon’ MBPISS/MBOSS Am Ch. Snocrest’s She’s So Fine (Bred/Owned By Snocrest Siberians)

‘Pascal’ Am Ch. Snocrest’s Another Story (Bred By Snocrest Siberians)

‘Riser’ Am Ch. Seasi’s Couloir Bad Moon Rising (Bred/Owned By Seasi Siberians/Owned By Couloir Siberians)

‘Georgie’ Am Ch. Seasi’s Bad To The Bone (Bred/Owned By Seasi Siberians)


Kamchatka Dazzle Them NTD 2k9 

Sire: ‘Razz’ MBIS Int/SAfr GCh. Kamchatka Razzmatazz
Dam: ‘Fendi’ Ch. Kamchatka Haute Couture
DOB: June 3, 2016

SHOR (Eyes)# S-11918 (Normal)   OFA (Hips)# SH-20193E25F (Excellent)   CHIC# 132662

Bred By: Kamchatka Siberians    Owned By: Snowy Dream Siberians

Height: 20.5 Inches at withers    Weight: 45 lbs.

Temperament: Zara is our goofy girl who always knows how to make us laugh and smile! We call her our siren as she LOVES to howl and her howl is the funniest out there.. it sounds like an actual siren! Zara is crazy and loves to run and play! Zara absolutely loves belly rubs and will flop right over and ask for them! Zara in an angel and is so great with all dogs and animals of all sizes! She loves to be a house dog and enjoys being with us. Zara has a soft temperament and takes a bit to warm up to new people, but once she knows you she is a totally different dog and shows off her true wild colours!! Zara is such an amazing girl and is a true blessing to our family. She is one of the most well behaved dogs we own and never does anything wrong! She has an amazing drive to run and lives for sledding.. it’s her most favourite!! We cannot thank Rossana enough for allowing our beautiful Zara to come live with us in Canada!! Zara is a crazy, funny, sweet girl with a big personality, we love her so much!

Achievements:  Zara came out to play and experience the ring for the first time in March 2017 as a puppy and ended up taking 4th Place in Puppy Sweeps her first time in the ring. That same weekend she went on to win a Winners Female (for her first point towards her Canadian championship) and a Reserve Winners Female the next two days she was shown. Zara was entered for her second time in puppy sweeps just for fun and ended up taking First in Class (out of 4) and on to win Best Of Opposite in Sweepstakes (out of 27)!! Zara’s second weekend in the ring she took a Reserve Winners Female, a Winners Female and Best of Opposite for another two points towards her Championship!! This girl moves like a dream! Zara has decided life in the show ring is not for her, and we would rather have a happy dog gaining other titles and living her best life over showing a dog who would rather not! Not every dog will be a big winning show dog and that is okay!  Zara runs as a lead dog on our sled team and has since her second time in harness. She is the best sled dog we have owned! She is an Iron Paws Race Finisher. Zara had a good time getting her Novice Trick dog title in 2020, and is now officially a titled Trick Dog! Zara blessed us with a beautiful singleton puppy in 2020 who we named Stella! They are two peas in a pod! On June 1, 2021 Zara was warded her 2k9 Ruff Run title!! Go Zara!

Titled Progeny: 

‘Stella’ SnowyDreams A Christmas Wish NTD 2k9


Can GCh. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves NTD 2k9

Sire: ‘Luke’ Can GCh. Kamchatka Da Gospel Truth NTD 2k9
Dam: ‘Flare’ MBPIS/BBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. Nanook’s Snowy Dream Come True DOM NTD
DOB: March 26, 2017

SHOR# S-12060/18-13 (Normal Eyes) OFA# SH-20604E26F (Excellent Hips) CHIC# 140929

Bred/Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 21 Inches at withers    Weight: 43 lbs.

Temperament: Can you say sweetheart? Faelan got the best of both worlds having both parents as absolute sweeties! Faelan is an amazing girl, she loves all people, all dogs and all animals. Faelan especially loves babies and puppies, her own or not! Faelan loves nothing more than being a house dog with her people and getting all the attention. She never does any wrong and is always wanting to please. She is our smartest dog and learns things very quickly! She loves head scratches, hugs and belly rubs. She is my little sisters special girl and they are always together, it is very cute! Faelan is the sweetest girl I have met and we love her very much. Faelan has amazing drive when it comes to running on the sled, as soon as the harnesses come out Faelan is screaming and jumping to go! She is an excellent sled dog! If Faelan had a downfall it would be her love for making noise, she always makes a stink when she does not get her own way and surely will tell you about it! But nonetheless, she is a huge sweetheart and we adore her.

Achievements: Baby Faelan went out at 4 months old to play and have fun in the Baby Puppy class, although she got no ribbons, she made us very proud with how well she stood and how good she behaved in the ring. Faelan entered the ring for the first time as a class dog to compete for points and she picked up 2 Winners Females, 2 Best of Winners and 1 Best Puppy in Breed (Over specials) for a total of 4 points her first weekend out! Faelan also took a third in class in Puppy sweeps. Faelan hit the rings again in May 2018 with a bang taking 6 Winners Females, 2 Best of Winners and 5 Best of Opposites to finish off her Canadian Championship in just 3 show weekends!! Faelan got to move up to specials to have some fun and blew us away by taking 2 Select Females and 1 Best of Opposite (over multiple specials females including her mom Flare) gaining 3 Grand Championship points!! Faelan attended the Grand Prairie dogshow June 2018 where there was a huge entry of 14 Siberians, Faelan did not disappoint coming home with 8 more grand championship points by gaining 3x Select Female and 1x Best of Opposite Sex.  March 2019, Faelan entered the rings stealing the show by taking 3/3 Best of Opposites (over 8 females) finishing her Canadian Grand Championship!! So thrilled!! Faelan is an AMAZING sled dog and LOVES mushing!! She runs lead on our sled teams and is so smart! In 2020 our plans to go to dogshows failed as we were stuck home due to Covid 19, so we were able to get Trick Dog titles on all the dogs and are excited that Faelan is now a Novice Trick Dog! On June 1, 2021 Faelan was awarded her 2k9 Ruff Run title!! Faelan tried out Agility for the first time summer 2021 where she passed beginner agility with flying colours! Faelan is mom to 9 beautiful puppies which were born in 2019 and 2021 <3 Love you sweet girl!

Titled Progeny: 

‘Aspen’ SnowyDreams Miracle On Earth 2k9

‘Luna’ SnowyDreams Flowers In Bloom NTD


Can Ch. Nanook’s Winter Snowy Dream CGN RN NTD 2k9

Sire: Am/Can Ch. Alcinta’s Winter Glitter    

Dam: Nanook Shine On Crazy Diamond

DOB: January 6, 2013

SHOR# S-11675 (Normal Eyes)  OFA# SH-18904G27F (Good Hips)  CHIC# 105339

Bred By: Nanook Siberians Canada    Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 21.5 Inches at withers   Weight: 47 lbs.

Temperament: Dream is my (Teghyn) heart dog. She is my most loyal companion and my best friend. She is the most loyal, obedient and well mannered dog I have ever owned. Dream came to us at 8 weeks old from Nanook Siberians (same breeder as Iceka) and was instantly my girl. We have a very special bond. Dream LOVES people, she is 100% a people dog. She gets so excited when people come to visit, she screams and runs so fast to make sure she gets all the pets! Dream loves to learn new tricks and is extremely smart. She excels in any new thing I try with her and she is super fun! Dream is very food driven so treats are just the icing on the cake for her! Her favourite trick is ‘Speak’ and she often does this even when asked to do another trick LOL. Dream is also highly prey driven and would be great at sprinting and barn hunt. She enjoys finding mice and rodents in the yard.. gross! Dream loves being a retired house dog and sleeps on the pillow every night. Dream loves to play with adult dogs but in her senior years has become less patient with puppies. She is my ‘do everything’ dog and I can always count on her to lift me up when I am feeling down. I am so blessed to have her and I know there will never be another like her. You are the absolute best, Dream dog <3

Achievements: Dream was never a top winning show dog, but she was the first dog I put a Championship on! We had a lot of fun together. Dream took longer than our other dogs to get her Champion title but finished in style going Winners Female and Best of Winners in a huge entry of dogs! Dream has excelled in many other dog sports and has her Canine Good Neighbour, Rally Novice Obedience, Novice Trick Dog, 2-K9 Ruff titles and is a beginner and intermediate agility dog as well!! We were so impressed with how well Dream does in anything she tries and are so proud she got her RN in three straight trials with high scores (the judge was so excited to see a Siberian in Rally Obedience). Dream is one of our lead dogs and absolutely loves running, when the harnesses come out she goes crazy! She is an Iron Paws Race Finisher. We love our beautiful, funny Dream girl!

Companion Dogs: 

Companion Dogs are our dogs who have never been a part of our breeding programs but are still just as loved <3


BPIG Can Ch. SnowyDreams Glisten OfThe Moon NTD 2k9 

Sire: ‘Titan’ BISS/BPIS Can GCh. Debalys Dark Side Of The Moon
Dam: ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN DOM
DOB: October 20, 2016

SHOR# S-12061 (Normal Eyes)  OFA# SH-20351E25F (Excellent Hips)  CHIC# 136108

Bred/Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 20.75 Inches at withers    Weight: 44 lbs.

Temperament: Glisten is our ‘cartoon character’ as we all feel she would be the perfect one! Glisten LOVES to be loved and thinks she is a lap dog. Just looking at Glisten will spark something inside her where she immediately thinks you want her ON you! Glisten (also known as Kissy) loves to give kisses, hugs and especially cuddles! Glisten is incredibly smart and enjoys learning new tricks and doing mind games. Glisten is very eager to learn and please which makes her a wonderful companion. Glisten is great with all dogs and puppies and really enjoys playing! She loves people and especially loves kids. She is hilarious and goofy and the dog who makes us laugh the most. She has the biggest smile and you can tell she loves life. Glisten has excellent drive and is a powerhouse on our sled team, running wheel. Glisten is all around an amazing girl and we love her so much!! <3

Achievements: Glisten entered the show rings at just 7 months old and took the rings by storm! Glisten’s first weekend out she took three Reserve Winners Females and a Winners Female, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite (over a specials, who happened to be her great-aunt), Best Puppy in Breed and went on to win Best Puppy in Group for a 3 point major towards her Championship!! Glisten’s second weekend in the ring she won 2/3 Winners Female, 3 Best Puppy in Breeds and another Best of Opposite over specials which left her on 7 points with all her majors at only 7 months old. Glisten finished her Championship her third weekend in the ring by going 3/3 Winners Females and Best Puppy in Breeds!! We love our little Glisten and how much she shines in and out of the ring! We hooked Glisten up in harness for the first time and she was a natural, she runs wheel on our sled teams and is an Iron Paws Race Finisher. In 2020 Glisten had tons of fun getting her Novice Trick dog title!! Summer 2021 Glisten earned her 2-K9 Ruff Run title as well as passed beginner agility!! She had tons of fun with these and was a natural!! We love you Glisten!


BPIG Can Ch. SnowyDreams When Stars Align NTD 2k9

Sire: ‘Regal’ BISS/MBPISS/BPIS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM 2k9
Dam: ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN DOM
DOB: August 18, 2018

SHOR (Eyes)# Pending (Normal Eyes @ 9 months)

Bred/Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 20.5 Inches at withers         Weight: 40 lbs.

Temperament: Aura, also known as Smol Bean is a very sweet girl. She is one of my very special girls and from the moment she was born I knew she was going to be very special to me. Aura is very sweet and loves all people, although she is more independent than her half sister Glisten. Aura likes cuddles, but only on her own terms. Aura LOVES to play and plays rough, she’s always up for a good wrestle with her pack mates! Aura is my (Teghyn) dog through and through and is very loyal to me, we have a very special bond that I will cherish forever. Aura loves all dogs and people and is amazing with kids. Aura is prey driven and would excel at Barn Hunt, she loves mind games and going on adventures, she’s an excellent adventure dog!! Aura has amazing drive and loves to mush, she runs lead on my team and is proving to be a wonderful hard working sled dog. Aura is an all round amazing and beautiful girl. I love Aura with my whole heart and I am so blessed to have such a special dog <3

Achievements: Aura entered the rings for the first time in March 2019 and we could not be more proud of this little princess!! She won her Jr Puppy Class 3/3 shows and took Winners Female once for a 2 point major!! Aura attended her second show at the SHCC BC regional Specialty and was awarded Reserve Winners Female from the Bred By Class. She attended her next show the beginning of May 2019 where she was awarded 5/6 Winners Females, 4 Best of Opposites (including once over specials!), Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed leaving her on a total of 9 points towards her Championship! Aura finished her Championship the next show weekend at our local show by going Winners Female, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed & Best Puppy in Working Group!! She was moved up to Specials for the last day where she took Select Female over another Grand Champion specials for her first Grand Champion point at only 9 months old!!!  Aura loved sledding from the beginning and is already proving to be an excellent lead dog!! She is an Iron Paws Race Finisher! In 2020 Aura earned her Novice Trick Dog title and in 2021 she earned her 2-K9 Ruff Run title!! Love you Smol Bean!


SnowyDreams Night Illusion NTD 2k9

Sire: Nanook’s Song Of The Night

Dam: MBPIS/MBBIS/BBISS Can GCh. Nanook’s Snowy Dream Come True DOM NTD

DOB: October 20, 2015

SHOR (Eyes)# S-11919 (Normal)

Bred/Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 22 Inches at withers       Weight:48 lbs.

Temperament: Mia is our fluffy, crazy pants girl. She loves going wild and playing in the yards and her most favourite thing is giving kisses! Mia is super smart and loves to please. It is so cute when she is learning a new trick as she gets so excited and you can see it in her eyes that she loves it!! Mia is one of our most funny girls and has a very unique personality. She is 100% our most crazy dog and is always up for some wrestling with her pack, having a talk off with one of us or going wild zooming from couch to couch!! Mia loves to play rough and her best buddy is Regal, they are two peas in a pod! Mia is very obedient and well mannered and never bats an eye when given a command. When Mia was born she was underdeveloped, our vet figures being the breeding’s were days apart, that Mia was conceived several days after her littermates. For the first few weeks of Mia’s life my mom would tube feed her every 2 hours even throughout the night, she became very special to us. Mia is not a show quality dog but we created such a special bond with her that we could never bring ourselves to place her in another home. Mia does not like mushing and would really rather ride on the sled! We love this funny, smart girl  so much and she brings us so much joy!

Achievements: Mia was never a show dog, but she has had a lot of fun getting some other titles. Mia earned her Novice Trick Dog title in 2020 and her 2-K9 Ruff Run title in 2021!! I would love to try agility or Rally Obedience with her in the future and feel she would do very well! We love this silly, wild girl so much!


Can Ch. SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead RN NTD 2k9

Sire: ‘Regal’ BISS/MBPISS/BPIS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM NTD 2k9
Dam: ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN DOM
DOB: August 18, 2018

SHOR# Pending (Normal Eyes @ 13 months)

Bred/Owned By: SnowyDream Siberians

Height: 23 Inches at withers     Weight: 56 lbs.

Temperament: Gambler is a sweetheart, he absolutely loves people and is always so excited to meet someone new! Gambler is extremely smart and catches onto new things very quickly, he knows the most tricks out of all our dogs!! Gambler has A LOT of energy and loves doing zoomies, wrestling with his pack mates and playing fetch! Gambler gets a little excited when meeting new dogs but once he gets his crazy out he is amazing and plays well! He is excellent with our puppies and a very patient boy! Gambler was returned to us October 2020, as he was not doing well in his previous home. Ever since Gambler has been back home he has been such an amazing boy. It is honestly like he never left! Gambler loves to be inside and is super well behaved and very chill. He is Aliyah’s (My little sister) bikejor buddy and such a great dog! We love Gambler very much and are so happy he is back home with us! <3

Achievements: Gambler was a very successful puppy finishing his Canadian Championship and getting half way to his Grand Championship all before a year and a half old!! He won several Winners Males and Best of Winners! Gambler is super smart and has been very successful in other sports as well. He has his Rally Novice Obedience title as well as his Novice Trick Dog title and 2-K9 Ruff Run title!! Gambler loves mushing and is proving to be a natural, he currently runs wheel on our team. Love this sweet man!!

Over the rainbow bridge: 

Rainbow Bridge Dogs are dogs who are gone but never forgotten <3

<3 Flare <3

MBPIS/MBBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. Nanook’s Snowy Dream Come True DOM NTD

~ October 2012 – January 2021 ~

Flare Bear, what can I say about you other than you were the silliest, most full of character dog we’ve owned. She never failed to make us laugh and smile with her unique personality and amazing temperament. She was such a sweet girl but more independent than her sister Eden, nonetheless she loved her bedtime snuggles and being a house dog. She was famous for her zoomies and she always loved to join in for a group howl no matter when it was. She will always be the dog who made our dreams come true, being the very first puppy born at SnowyDream. She is a dog that could never be forgotten, and never will be. Flare passed away from a mass in her liver (suspected cancer). We love you our little Flare, thank you for everything you gave us and for loving us so much. You will forever walk in our hearts and will be loved forever. <3 

<3 Eden <3 


~ January 2014 – April 2020 ~

Eden was a once in a lifetime kind of dog, she was our first bred by Best in Show winner, an excellent sled dog but most importantly she was our baby, our house pet and our great love. She was truly an angel sent from heaven and was loved by all who met her. She had the sweetest, most gentle personality and loved everyone, she was great with cats, loved all puppies like her own and her favorite thing to do was cuddle up on the couch and snuggle. She loved Aliyah so much and was so kind. I said it from the day she was born, there will never be another like Eden and that will hold true till the end of time. She taught us so many lessons, shared so many great memories with us and she will never be forgotten. We did everything in our power to save her, but Eden unfortunately lost her battle to pancreatitis. Run free and rest easy my love, we will meet again one day, I know you are very obediently waiting for us. We love you with all our hearts, minds and souls and we will never stop <3 

<3 Paris <3

Nanook’s Etched In Ice 

~ June 2010 – June 2014 ~

Paris was a super silly girl full of personality and never failed to make us smile and laugh. She did not enjoy the show world at all but lived for agility and mushing. She ran lead dog on our teams and was her happiest self at agility which she excelled at. She went to live with my grandparents and their other husky when she was under 2 years and had the most wonderful life being a spoiled house dog with them. Unfortunately Paris was a true Siberian and jumped and scaled many fences in her short life, and was taken from us much to soon when she jumped the fence and was struck by a vehicle. We are devastated and miss this silly girl so much. Love you Perry, forever and always <3