October 2020: On October 10, 2020 our sweet boy Gambler was surrendered back to our pack, he was not doing well in his previous home and was in his best interest to come back to us. Gambler is doing very well here, being a very good boy and loving life. It is like he never left and we are very happy to have him back home.

September 2020: Wow, still no shows in Canada! We have been doing some fun online shows with the dogs where you send in photos and videos od them and judges judge based on those. Every single one of our dogs have won something at an online show! Their biggest wins are:

  • Iceka: Multi Best Veteran in Shows
  • Flare: Multi Best Veteran in Shows
  • Dream: 3rd Place Best Rally Champion & 4th Place Working Veteran
  • Luke: Award Of Merit Best in Show (All Breed)
  • Regal: Multi Group Placements
  • Mia: Best Compaion Dog in Show
  • Zara: Working Group 4 & Best Miss In Group
  • Glisten: 1st Place Best Show Stand & 1st Place Most Beautiful Female (All Breed)
  • Faelan: Multi Group Placements
  • Onyx: Multi Group Placements
  • Aura: Working Group 3
  • Kindle: Multi Best Puppy in Groups
  • Iv: Best Baby Puppy in Show & Best Puppy in Group


August 2020: August 3 – Baby Tsar (formerly known as Julius) was finally able to cross the border to the USA to be with his wonderful new family!! All the pups are now in their forever homes and are doing wonderful!


July 2020: July was a month that brought us a lot of joy, Flare & Zara were awarded their NTD titles!! But the big news of July was that we welcomed a new additon to our family, Covid made it very hard for us to get Kindle to Canada and after months of waiting and trying she finally is home with us <3 We welcome ‘Kindle’ Winter Melody Smoking Hot into our pack!!


June 2020: June was another great month for Trick Dog titles. Aura, Luke and Regal all gained their NTD titles! We are also proud of some of our families as Qanik (Luke x Eden) and Majla (Onyx x Luke) also earned their NTD titles!!

May 2020: May was a very busy month for us. May 2 – Baby Mira (formerly known as Tetra) went to her new home with her wonderful new family. May 9th weekend – We travelled to Vancouver and lived out of the truck for a few days so we could deliver 3 more of the pups to their wonderful new homes, Poppy (Roma), Charly (Caesar) and Majla (Cleo). We also wanted to try something new, since their are no shows due to Covid, so I started training the dogs for their trick dog titles! In May, Iceka, Dream, Glisten, Mia, Faelan & Onyx all earned their NTD (Novice Trick Dog) titles!!

April 2020: April 18 – To say this year has been very hard would be an understatement, but nothing compares to the pain we felt on April 18, when we had to say our final goodbyes to our sweet Eden. This came very quikcly and was very unexpected and our hearts are absolutley shattered. Eden was diagnosed with pancreatitis and fought for several days at the vet before she passed away on her own terms. The absolute hardest part of owning a dog, is having to say goodbye. Eden will forever be a one in a million girl, and will never be forgotten. We miss you so much Monkey Dog, you earned your silver harness, now run free. <3 <3 <3

February 2020: February 15-16th – Team Cartwright continues to succeed in the rings! Owner handled by Melanie, Cartwright took Winners Male twice and Best of Winners once adding more points towards his American Championship! Way to go team Cartwright, we are so proud!! February 29th – A very special once in a lifetime experience for us happened on this 2020 Leap Year Day as we welcomed a beautiful litter of 6 puppies into this world out of our lovely ‘Onyx’ Can Ch. Winter Melody Nothing Just Trouble & our handsome ‘Luke’ Can GCh. Kamchatka Da Gospel Truth. Luke & Onyx are the proud parents of 4 girls & 2 boys who are named after Julius Caesar and the ancient calender which created the Leap Year, the boys are Julius & Caesar and the girld are Cleo, Delta, Roma & Tetra. The babies are thriving and Onyx is proving to be an amazing mom.

Janaury 2020: January 10-11th – Team Cartwright is doing amazing down in the USA. MBIS/RBIS UKC Ch. Snocrest’s Good As Gold took a Best in Sweepstakes win along with taking Winners Male twice, Best of Winners twice, Owner Handled Best of Breed once and even an Owner Handled Group 3!! He is bred by us at SnowyDream (Regal x Eden litter) and is owned by Shira Barkon (Snocrest Siberians) along with Melanie & Helen Kutska. Cartwright is owner handled by Melanie. Thank you all for your love and care of this special boy!

October 2019: October 24-27th – What an amazing weekend for our SnowyDream family who attended the Battle River Canine Association dogshow in Camrose Alberta this weekend!! ‘Flame’ Can Ch. SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party CGN RN NTD was granted his Novice Trick Dog title on Thursday, two points towards his Canadian Championship Friday, his last leg needed to qualify for his Rally Novice title Saturday and a 3 point major to finish his Championship on Sunday, all handled by his wonderful co-owner Sky Mckay! We are so proud of everything they have accomplished so far!! Two more SnowyDream boys came away with some great wins at the show – ‘Gambler’ Can Ch. SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead RN was awarded 2/3 Select dogs leaving him on 12 Grand Champion points and ‘Ashur’ Can GCh. SnowyDreams Fire Okami was awarded 1 select dog earning his last two points needed for his Canadian Grand Championship! Both boys owner handled by their co-owners, very proud!! Down in the states ‘Cartwright’ MBIS/RBIS UKC Ch. Snocrest’s Good As Gold (Bred by us) was awarded Group 1 (UKC) owner handled by his co-owner Melanie! Yahoo, way to go boys!! To make it an even more exciting weekend both Flame and Gambler had their eyes tested and both boys cleared with flying colours!!!

September 2019: September 28, 2019 – ‘Faelan’ Can GCh. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves & ‘Regal’ BISS/MBPISS/BPIS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM blessed us with 4 beautiful grey and white puppies, 3 girls and 1 boy! This was a new experience for us as the puppy who was to be born first was to big and got stuck, we made the decision to take Faelan in to have an emergency c-section and are thankful that all 4 puppies were born healthy and beautiful, thank you to our amazing vet team at Rivers Animal Hospital <3 This is our ‘Miracle’ themed litter and the pups nicknames (in birth order) are Halo (Girl), Mira (Girl), Wonder (Boy) and Hope (Girl).

June 2019: June 30, 2019 – ‘Faelan’ Can GCh. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves & ‘Onyx’ BPIG Can Ch. Winter Melody Nothing Just Trouble got mail!! We are so excited and pleased to announce that both girls’ Hips are OFA Rated ‘Excellent’!!! June 22-23, 2019 – We are also excited to say that ‘Gambler’ Can Ch. SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead RN finished his Canadian Championship at the Grand Prairie show winning Winners Male, Best of Winners & Best Puppy in Breed (Over Specials), handled by his co-owners Ally & Caitlyn. Congratulations ladies!!

May 2019: May 3-5, 2019 – We attended one of our favourite annual shows in Burns lake, BC! We love this show for the beautiful drive, wildlife, wonderful show commitee and beautiful venue. Our dogs had yet another great show. ‘Regal’ BISS/MBPISS/BPIS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM took 4 Best of Breeds, a Group 3 & a Group 4. ‘Iceka’ RBIS/BPIS/BAIS/MBVIS/MBBIS/BVISS/BAISS/BBISS Can GCh. Nanook’s Diamond Ice CGN took 6 Best Veteran in Group & 2 Best Veteran in Shows. She was also shown by junior handler Ariana and they took Best Overall Junior Handler together!!  ‘Aura’ SnowyDreams When Stars Align took 5 Winners Females, 4 Best of Opposites (Once over Specials!), Best of Winners & Best Puppy in Breed leaving her needing only a single point for her Championship! ‘Faelan’ Can GCh. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves was entered in 2 shows as well as Junior handling and was shown by my cousin Natalie, they were First in their juniors class and also took a Best of opposite & a Select Bitch. So proud of them. We had a guest dog with us in Burns Lake as well, ‘Belle’ Excalibur’s Enchanted Rose (Bred, Owned & Loved by our good friend Jackie) who picked up her first Champion point by going Winners Female & Best of Opposite! Yahoo!! May 17-19 was our local dogshow as well as annual eye clinic, another fun show with good friends! Eden, Luke, Regal, Zara, Glisten, Faelan, Onyx & Aura all cleared their eye exam!! Regal took 3 Best of Breeds, including the Sibe Booster, another Group 3 & Group 4! He is currently #3 Siberian Husky in Canada (Breed), #2 Male Siberian Husky in Canada (All systems) and #1 Owner Handled Siberian Husky in Canada! Love this boy. Iceka picked up a few more Best Veteran in Groups. Faelan & Natalie had fun showing in juniors winning 2nd in their class both days. They also took Select Female at the Siberian Booster! Iceka & her daughter ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS/BOSS/BBISS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN DOM took 3/3 Best Brace in Shows! Baby Aura was the big STAR of this show making us so proud!! At just 9 months old with limited showing she finished her Canadian Championship with a bang, taking Winners Female, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed & Best Puppy in Working Group! She was moved up to specials for the last day and took Select Female (over other Specials) for her first point towards her Canadian Grand Championship! So incredibly proud of this young girl! Thank you Sheila Robertson for the beautiful group shots of our team in Burns Lake.

April 2019: April 19-21, 2019 – We attended our first Siberian Husky Speciality in a few years, and our first show in Southern BC!! It was nice meeting some other fellow Siberian breeders, meeting some new friends, seeing some of our bred by dogs and their owners and competing with such a nice entry of Siberians. Our dogs did not fail to disapoint at the speciality and came home with lots of ribbons and prizes!! Our dogs results from the SHCC BC Regional Speciality were as follows:  ‘Regal’ BISS/MBPISS/BPIS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM was awarded Select Dog in a nice entry of males including multiple Best in Show winners. ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS/BBISS/BOSS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN entered the rings as a specials for the first time in a few years, out of coat and took a huge Best of Opposite win!! Huge thank you to Caitlyn Donally for handling Eden for us as we were showing Regal & Iceka in the breed ring. ‘Aura’ SnowyDreams When Stars Align took Reserve Winners Female from the Bred By class! ‘Iceka’ RBIS/BPIS/BAIS/MBVIS/MBBIS/BVISS/BAISS/BBISS Can GCh. Nanook’s Diamond Ice CGN was awarded Best Veteran in Specialty Show, Best Altered in Speciality Show AND Select Bitch from the Veterans Class over multiple other Champion females!! Iceka & Eden were Best Brace in Specialty Show and were also awarded yet another Best Brace in all breed show! Regal was shown in Stud dog & Eden in Brood bitch with their beautiful puppies Aura & ‘Gambler’ SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead RN and were Best Stud Dog & Best Brood Bitch. ‘Schroeder’ SnowyDreams Joy Isn The Playin & his owner/handler came out to play and were Best of Opposite Sex Altered in Speciality Show! A fun show filled with many new memories!! Thank you to judge Ms Elizabeth Muthard for these specailty wins.April 13-14, 2019 – ‘Flame’ MBPIG/MBBPIS SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party CGN (Can Major Pt’d) attended a show with his co-owner Sky and earned his Canine Good Neighbour test as well as 2 qualifying scores to his rally Novice title!! Gambler also finished his Rally Novice title this month with his co-owner Ally! So proud!!

March 2019: March 22-24, 2019 – We decided last minute to attend the Battle River Canine Association dogshow in Camrose, AB after not attending since 2016. What an amazing weekend we had with the dogs, seeing some old dogshow friends and meeting new ones!! The dogs were all ROCKSTARS which was the cherry on top! There was a nice entry of 14 Siberians over the weekend! Our handsome boy ‘Regal’ BISS/MBPISS/BPIS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM took 3/3 Best of Breeds and a HUGE working Group 2 putting him ranked at #1 Siberian Husky in Canada (Breed), #2 Siberian Husky in Canada (All Breed) and #1 Owner Handled Siberian Husky in Canada his first weekend in the ring for 2019!!! Our beautiful ‘Faelan’ Can GCh. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves took 3/3 Best of Opposites to finish her Canadian Grand Championship!! Our lovely ‘Iceka’ RBIS/BPIS/BAIS/MBVIS/MBBIS Can GCh. Nanook’s Diamond Ice CGN took a nice Best Veteran in Show win putting her ranked at #1 Veteran Siberian Husky in Canada after just 1 day of showing!! Our rising stars came out to play for the first time and we couldn’t be more proud, ‘Gambler’ SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead (Co-Owned & handled by Ally & Caitlyn) took 2/3 Winners Males & a Best of Winners earning a total of 4 points towards his Championship as well as getting his first 2 qualifying scores for Rally Novice, so proud of him and his co-owners!! His sister ‘Aura’ SnowyDreams When Stars Align won her Jr Puppy Class 3/3 shows (beating another Jr Puppy) and took Winners Female once for her 2 point major!! Yahoo! Iceka & her daughter ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN returned to the Brace rings after a year off (for Eden to whelp some pups) and did not disappoint taking Best Brace in Show!! Really could not be any more excited and proud of the SnowyDream team, so excited for our next show!!

February 2019: February 22-24, 2019 – ‘Flame” MBBPIS/MBPIG SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party attended the Halifax show with his co-owner and our good friend Sky, where they picked up a Group 2, Group 4, Best of Opposite in sweepstakes together earning Flame his first 4 points towards his Championship!! We are incredibly over the moon proud of him and all the work Sky put in to present him to his best!!

January 2019: January 1, 2019 – We spent the first day of the year with the dogs, mushing on our new trail we had made this summer!! We ran two teams of 4 and one team of 3. First team out was Zara/Dream lead & Glisten/Regal wheel. Second team was Faelan/Iceka lead & Luke/Eden wheel. Last team started off as Faelan/Flare lead & Mia/Onyx wheel but Mia decided she ‘still’ wasn’t a sled dog so we put Flare wheel with Onyx and ran Faelan single lead (a first for us as well as the dogs!) she did AMAZING!! We had a blast and so did the dogs!! January 5, 2018 – ‘Glisten’ Can Ch. SnowyDreams Glisten OfThe Moon got mail!! Proud to say that Glisten’s Hip’s are OFA rated ‘Excellent’!!


December 2018: ‘Gambler’ SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead went to his first dogshow for the day on December 9, 2018. He competed in the Baby Puppy class and was Best Baby Puppy in Breed (he was the only one lol!!) but he had a lot of fun and behaved very well for his first show. Gambler was handled by his co-owner Ally. Super excited for what this young boy has in store!! Looking forward to 2019!! December 25, 2018 – Merry Christmas everyone!! The SnowyDream pack enjoyed Christmas morning by coming inside and opening up their special stockings!! December 28, 2018, Gambler comes for a visit for a couple weeks while his pawrents go on a vacation!! Took some family photos of daddy Regal, momma Eden and babies Gambler and Aura.. such a beautiful family!!!


November 2018: On November 4, 2018 the last puppy from our Fate Litter (Regal x Eden) left to his forever home. Gambler (SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead) is with some good friends of ours and will be co-owned and a show dog! Very excited for this boy! November 17 & 18 ‘Flame’ MBBPIS/MBPIG SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party attended his first show for points with his Co-Owner Sky in Newfoundland. He had tough competition (him & two specials) but although he didn’t pick up any points he did come home with 2/4 Best Puppy in Groups! Very proud how this team did at their first show and we are excited for their future together!


October 2018: October was an absolutely insane month for us!! Baby Reykur (SnowyDreams What’re The Odds) was the first baby to leave to his new forever home on October 13, 2018. On October 19 my mom flew to Vancouver to meet Cartwright (Snocrest’s Good As Gold)’s new owner and he was off to the USA with his new forever family! On October 26 I (Teghyn) set off for a very short but very ‘long’ trip to Toronto, Rokkvi (SnowyDreams Twisted Fate) and I hopped on a plane and headed across Canada. After 2 long plane rides, a night in a hotel & 2 days of driving Rokkvi finally made it to his forever home in the USA. Thank you to our friends who helped transport Rokkvi! Meanwhile my mom was at home while Penny (SnowyDreams Meant To Be)’s new family flew in to our house to meet the pack and fly home to Manitoba with sweet Penny. A crazy month with puppies leaving but we are so happy they are in such good homes!! On October 1, 2018 we got a call from Regal’s breeder, Shira saying that she would like for Regal to stay in Canada with us on a co-ownership with her & Mark. She said we give Regal the best home and that he is so happy hear, sleeping on the bed at night, going places with us all the time, running with the whole pack, dog sledding etc. We are SO honoured and blessed to be able to share this very special boy with them <3


August 2018: Yay! We got ‘Zara’ Kamchatka Dazzle Them ‘s Hip score back in the mail and are VERY happy to say she was OFA rated as ‘Excellent’!! On August 18, 2018 we said hello to the newest ‘pack’ members as we were blessed with a lovely litter of 6 babies out of our gorgeous girl ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN and sired by the handsome ‘Regal’ BISS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM. Eden & Regal are the proud parents of 2 girls (1 grey & white and 1 red & white) and 4 boys (all grey & white). We called this litter the ‘Fate’ litter, as it seemed appropriate with this special opportunity to have Regal here. The girls are SnowyDreams When Stars Align & SnowyDreams Meant To Be and the boys are SnowyDreams What Lies Ahead, SnowyDreams Twisted Fate, SnowyDreams What’re The Odds & Snocrest’s Good As Gold. We are pleased with this special litter and excited to see what their future holds!

June 2018: June was a bit of a crazy month for us with my (Teghyn) prom and grad. I am a dogshow die hard so even though my grad was on June 22, I still decided we should attend the Grand Prairie, Alberta dogshow June 23 & 24, lol!! We had beautiful weather and it was great to see friends. We were also so thrilled that their was a huge entry of 15 Siberians plus the veterans and baby puppies!! ‘Regal’ BISS Am GCHG/Can GCh. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM won 3 Select males & a nice Best of Breed win to finish off his Canadian Grand Championship! ‘Faelan’ Can Ch. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves took 3 Select Females & a nice Best of Opposite earning 8 more points towards her Grand Championship!! ‘Iceka’ RBIS/BPIS/BVIS/BAIS/MBBIS Can GCh. Nanook’s Diamond Ice CGN took 2 Best Veteran in Breeds and 1 Best Veteran in Group!! ‘Nova’ Can GCh. SnowyDreams Sparkle InThe Sky (handled by her co-owner) also took 2 Select Females & 1 Best of Opposite!


May 2018: May was a BIG month for us! May 4-6, 2018 we attended one of our favourite shows in Burns Lake, BC. We took 5 of our dogs to this show and they all came home with something!! To say our team did amazing, is to say the least! ‘Faelan’ SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves took 5/6 Winners females & Best of opposites, as well 4 Best of Winners!! ‘Onyx’ Can Ch. Winter Melody Nothing Just Trouble took a Winners Female, Best of Winners & Best of Breed to finish her Canadian Championship! ‘Regal’ BISS Am GCHG/Can Ch. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM took 3 Winners Males, 1 Best of Opposite, 2 Best of Winners & 2 Best of Breeds to finish his Canadian Championship. We then bumped him up to specials and he took 3 more Best of Breeds, as well as 3 Group 4’s and a Group 3!! ‘Iceka’ RBIS/BPIS/BVIS/BAIS/MBBIS Can GCh. Nanook’s Diamond Ice CGN took 3 Best Veteran in Groups and her first Best Veteran in Show!! Baby ‘Flame’ MBBPIS SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party took 6 Best Baby Puppy in Groups and 3 Best Baby Puppy in Shows his very first weekend in the ring! Natalie & Faelan also took a Best Overall Junior Handler. WHAT A WEEKEND!! May 18-21 was our local dogshow (Fort St John, BC). Our local eye clinic was on the 18th, which started off another amazing weekend for us. We had 8 dogs in the eye clinic (Eden, Luke, Regal, Zara, Glisten, Faelan, Onyx & Flame) and all 8 dogs passed, yahoo!! ‘Faelan’ Can Ch. SnowyDreams Dance With Wolves finished her Canadian Championship with a Winners Female & Best of Winners. We bumped her up for the rest of the weekend and she was awarded 4 Select Females and a Best of Opposite (over multiple other specials including her mom, Flare) for a total of 3 points towards her Canadian Grand Championship. ‘Regal’ BISS Am GCHG/Can Ch. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM took 3 Best of Breeds, two Group 3’s and a Group 2!! ‘Flame’ MBBPIS SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party was shown by his co-owner Sky and took 2 Best Baby Puppy in Breeds as well as a Best Baby Puppy in Group, very proud of this team! ‘Iceka’ RBIS/BPIS/BVIS/BAIS/MBBIS Can GCh. Nanook’s Diamond Ice CGN took 2 Best Veteran in Breed and 2 Best Veteran in Group! Iceka & her daughter ‘Flare’ MBPIS/MBBIS/BBISS Can GCh. Nanook’s SnowyDream Come True took 2/3 Best Brace in Shows their first  time in brace together!! Flare also took 2 Select Females (once shown by Sky, her very first time in the ring!). Another fantastic weekend for team SnowyDream!! It was also so wonderful to finally meet Sky and spend the weekend with her before her & Flame were off! Thanks for flying across Canada to pick up your boy and meet the pack!


March 2018: March was an excited month for the SnowyDream team! March 9-11, 2018 we attended the Prince Albert (PA, Sask) dogshow. We took two of our girls, Faelan & Onyx, it was the first time in the ring competing for points for the both of them. Faelan took a 3rd place (out of 5) in puppy sweeps and went on to win 2 Winners females, 2 Best of Winners and 1 Best of opposite (over specials) for a total of 4 points towards her Canadian Championship! Onyx won her sweeps class (out of 5) and went on to win Best in Sweepstakes her first time in the ring ever! Onyx won a total of 4 winners females, 4 best of winners, 2 best of opposites (over specials), 1 Best of Breed (over multiple specials) and a Best Puppy in Group! I (Teghyn) placed second in juniors with Onyx and Natalie placed second in her juniors class as well with Faelan. Super proud of the entire team! On March 20, 2018 my mom, cousin Natalie, baby sister, Onyx, Faelan and I got on a plane to Winnipeg, MB to visit our good friend Angela and her Siberians Teeka & Hunter, to attend the Northwinds dogshow and also to pick up our very special visitor ‘Regal’ BISS Am GCHG. Snocrest’s It’s Good To Be Bad AOM. We had so much fun in winnipeg meeting new friends, spending time with old friends and meeting Mark of Snocrest Siberians. Thank you so much to Mark for driving all the way up to Canada to bring Regal, it was wonderful meeting you and spending time with you even if it was just for a short amount of time! Regal came away that weekend with 4 winners males, 2 Best of Winners, 4 Best of opposites for a total of 6 points towards his Canadian Championship his first weekend in Canada!  I (Teghyn) finished my Juniors career that weekend as I have now aged out, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog to share my last go around the juniors ring with, Regal gave me his absolute all even though I had just met him the day before!


January 2018: On January 14, 2018 we were blessed with the arrival of our ‘New Years Litter’ out of our beautiful ‘Eden’ BIS/RBIS/MBBIS Can GCh. SnowyDreams Heaven Sent CGN and sired by our handsome boy ‘Luke’ Can GCh. Kamchatka Da Gospel Truth. Eden and Luke gave us 5 beautiful, healthy puppies – 3 boys (all red & white) and 2 girls (1 red & white and 1 silver & white). Since these sweet babies were the start of the year for SnowyDream they were named after ‘New Years’. The boys are SnowyDreams Life OfThe Party, SnowyDreams New Beginnings, SnowyDreams Stroke Of Midnite and the girls are SnowyDreams Grand Finale & SnowyDreams Golden Champagne. Very excited to see these babies grow up!